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Ever notice that little ache in your shoulders after you spend the day on the telephone, at the keyboard, or on the golf course?

Massage Therapy

Who needs a massage?
Anyone with a pulse.  Anyone who needs to relax.  Anyone with a body.  Stressed out executives, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, weekend warriors, teachers, students.  Get the picture? Life creates a multitude of stresses.  Some big.  Some small.  But they all add up.

Ever notice that little ache in your shoulders after you spend the day on the telephone, at the keyboard, or on the golf course?  It may not be your shoulders, it may be your lower back, or your feet, but everyone holds their stress in places that will stack up to cause them discomfort. 

What can I expect during my massage?
You will be greeted by me, your therapist. I'll ask you some questions about your health and your lifestyle--things that impact your body.  You may have some health challenges that might prevent you from having a massage, or might require some adjustments to positions or techniques. If you have medical concerns, it's a good idea to get permission from your health care provider before you get a massage.

I will ask you to remove as much clothing as you feel comfortable with (most people will remove all their clothing), and crawl onto my table.  I will leave the room while you get undressed, and you will be draped at all times, to preserve not only your modesty, but also your warmth.  In the winter, I use cozy flannel sheets on a specially warmed table--in the summer, cool, crisp cotton sheets.  I use very light aromatherapy...just right, never overwhelming.  Lights are dim, and music is gentle.

You will receive a full body massage--head to toe (but no private parts, ever!). You can choose not to have certain areas worked on, you may be ticklish or uncomfortable.  Your full body massage will pay special attention to your areas of stress….your shoulders, neck and back, of course, but also your hands, feet, arms and legs.  Most people don't realize how much tension they are holding, until those muscles are worked.

You may experience profound relaxation; you may fall asleep.  You may want to talk during your massage, or you may prefer silence.  This is your hour on the table, and you are there to enjoy it. 

How should I prepare for my massage?
It's best to wear comfortable clothing, that's easy for you to get in and out of , but not mandatory.  It's a good idea to drink extra water the day of your massage, both before and after.  Don't drink alcoholic beverages before your massage


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