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Massage during pregnancy is a wonderful way to develop a knowledge and comfort with your body that you may not have had before.

Pregnancy Massage

Why a Massage During Pregnancy?
Your body, during pregnancy, has been called on to do a lot of things that your non-pregnant body never did.  You are carrying more weight, in a different distribution than you ever have before.  Your feet, hips, and all joints are stressed in a new way.  A massage can help to eliminate some of the stresses and strains that your body is now going through.

How is a pregnancy massage different from any other massage?
It's as different as your pregnant body is from your non-pregnant body; it's still the same body, just with additions and modifications.    A pregnancy massage has more stretching and range of motion movements to alleviate stress on your body.  It helps you to prepare for the upcoming birth.  With the additional weight of your breasts and belly, your shoulders and back have more strain, so they get more, and different attention.  Your posture has changed, as has the way you walk.  All of these changes have changed the way your body moves and  affects muscles that you may never have used before.  There are reflexology points that are used during a pregnancy massage, and others that are to be avoided.

Because of your changed shape, special pillows are used for your massage.  These pillows allow you lie on your stomach, while gently cradling your baby.  Remember lying on your stomach?  It seems like forever, doesn't it?  Other women prefer the pillows to be arranged for a side-lying massage; they feel supported, and are still able to get a full body massage in this position.  Different lotions will be used, to avoid any smells or herbs that may be distasteful to you, or harmful to you or your baby.

In addition to massage, we will work on some basic breathing and relaxation exercises to help during your pregnancy and birthing. 

Massage during pregnancy is a wonderful way to develop a knowledge and comfort with your body that you may not have had before.  You begin a close bonding with your child, who benefits from your calm,  pleasurable experience.

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